Thursday, April 21, 2011

Art Challuunge submission for Snail / Ship…

As of late I have been really inspired by Shepard Fairey’s artwork.  You know… the guy that did that really cool vector Obama “change” poster.  Anyway, so for my submission for the Snail / Ship weekly art challuunge I decided that I would take a stab at that style. 

Here is my process in a nut-shell:  So I started off by taking a photo of my buddy Andrew in a buttoned up shirt and our buddy Danny’s baseball hat.  I then did some Photoshop work giving him the USPS logos on his hat and shirt.  I then added some stripes to the shirt, and then duplicated the photo 4 times and poster-ized the images.  I proceeded to adjust the “threshold of each to descend from light to darker images.  I then brought those images into Illustrator and drew the four different images in vector format (the tan, light & dark blues and red).  I added the word SNAIL, implying the snail mail aspect of the USPS and then added the colors and line shading.  With a few more adjustments on the shading and lighting I was finally done.  This took way more time that I had first anticipated, but I think it turned out better than I expected.  Here is the result.  Click the pic to enlarge.  Hope you dig.


Monday, April 11, 2011

My art challuunge submission for FINLAND / DOG.

Here is my submission from Friday’s art challuunge.  The words were FINLAND / DOG.  I just happened to win the most votes in this round.  Yay me!  Dig.


Friday, April 1, 2011

My art challuunge submission for Jackalope/Lantern.

Good day to all of you in the blogosphere.  This is my submission for this week’s art challuunge words Jackalope/Lantern.  I went a bit dark and comedic this time (nothing ground breaking there).  I opted to create a deity that both the deer and jackrabbits could worship together.  Of course he has a lantern to light their way, but it isn’t lit for this particular gathering.  I kind of wanted to go for a vector shirt design logo thing.  Hope you dig.PrintVoting happens here for anyone and everyone’s favorite submission.  Check back on Monday for the winner!  Word to ya moms…

Friday, March 18, 2011

My art challuunge submission: Brain/Craft…

Another week down and here we are… So I had won last week’s art challuunge with Galaxy / Seashell and was tasked with coming up with the random words for the next week’s challuunge.  I chose BRAIN / CRAFT.  So here is my submission, followed by a few other options that I decided against.  I will let you draw your own conclusions to the meaning of the piece.  Oh, and I used Adobe Illustrator to do up this little ditty, exporting the different options and compiling them in Photoshop to make the animated gif.  I know it was bugging you…

(click to enlarge)Wurm_BrainCraft1

Rejected version #1 (click to enlarge): Wurm_BrainCraft3 Rejected version #2(click to enlarge): Wurm_BrainCraft4 Rejected version #3(click to enlarge): Wurm_BrainCraft5

Friday, March 11, 2011

My art challuunge: Beetle / Swamp…

Here is my art challuunge submission for this week: the words are Beetle / Swamp.  Oooo, spooky.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Galaxy/Seashell, this week’s art challuunge.

Here goes my art challuunge submission for this week’s words: Galaxy / Seashell.  Hope you enjoy.  I composed my idea in Photoshop first and then I painted over the composition.  Why not head over to the old art challuunge blog and vote on your favorite?Wurm_Galaxy_SeaShell

Friday, February 25, 2011

Logo for Half Pint Entertainment.

Here is a logo that I did for my friend Bradi’s entertainment booking business. 

Final logo: halfpintlogos_updates4 

Here is a picture of Bradi so you can see where I was coming from:167040_1699797047193_1005919061_31929234_2522212_n